Table of Contents
Introduction to Second Edition
How to Use This Book
General Contract Preparation Advice
Legal Boilerplate
1. Rehearsal Rental
Form 1:Rehearsal Space License
2. Single Show Simple License
Form 2:Single Show Rental License (Simple)
Form 3:Single Show Theater Rental (Full License)
3. Booking Agreements
Form 4: Booking Agreement
4. Joint Ventures
Form 5: Joint Ventures
5. Concessions
Form 6: Concessionaire License
6. Programs and Souvenir Books
Form 7: Program Advertising
7. Simple Production License
Form 8: Simple Production License
8. Commissions
Form 9: Commission Agreement
9. Options to Present a Major Production
Form 10: Option to Produce Play (Nonmusical)
Form 11: Option to Produce Play (Musical)
10. Collaborations
Form 12: Collaboration Agreement (Nonmusical)
Form 13: Collaboration Agreement (Musical
11.Agreement Canceling Collaboration
Form 14: Agreement Canceling Collaboration
12.Underlying Rights
Form 15: Option for Underlying Rights(Dramatic Play)
Form 16: Option for Underlying Rights (Musical)
13. Real Person Release
Form 17: Real Person Release
14. Song Licensing
Form 18: Musical Composition License
15. Commissioning Original Music Compositions
Form 19: Music Composition Commission
16.Archival Recordings
Form 20: Author's Limited License to Record Play
17. Non Equity Actors
Form 21: Non Equity Actor's Contract
18. Musicians
Form 22: Musicians Contract
19. Archive Recordings: Artists
Form 23. Artist's Limited Consent to Record Play
20. Nudity
Form 24: Consent to Appear Nude
21: Stage Combat and Stunts
Form 25: Consent to Stage Combat
20. Directors, Dance Choreographers, Fight Choreographers
Form 26: Director Agreement
Form 27: Choreographer Agreement
Form 28: Fight Choreographer
21. Designers
Form 29: Lighting Designer
Form 30: Scenic Designer
Form 31: Costume Designer
Form 32: Props Designer
Appendix A: Trade Publications
Appendix B: Performing Arts Attorneys

Selected Works

Comprehensive, ready to use collection of 33 model business and legal forms for the performing arts, with accompanying CD-ROM. Expanded contents include many hard to find contracts.
The first legal survival kit for anyone in the business of presenting live entertainment.
Farce - Two Acts Single set 5 males, 3 females Performance time: 110 minutes (not counting intermission)
Semi fictitious drama based on the 1958 fire at the Our Lady of the Angels Roman Catholic School on the west side of Chicago, in which 92 children and three nuns died.

Business and Legal Forms for Theater


Here is a complete, easy to use resource for anyone involved in the performing arts! This new and expanded edition contains 33 indispensable, hard-to-find contracts and forms that will save artists and performing rights groups thousands of dollars in lawyer's fees, while minimizing their legal risks. Attorney/​Producer/​Playwright Charles Grippo explains the proper use of each form in clear, concise language. No matter which side of the negotiating table you're on, you'll find plenty of practical advice to help you obtain the best possible deal. These ready-to-use forms and contracts cover every aspect of theater law, including author agreements, commssions, production licenses, play publishing, and more. Also included on a convenient CD-ROM, the forms can be copied electronically, modified, customized, and saved.

NEW TO THIS EDITION: Contracts for performing arts designers; fight and stunt directors; musicians; commissions for original music compositions; and much more. From producers and directors, to performers and choreographers, to theatrical designers and box office managers, this volume is a necessity for anyone involved in the performing arts.


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Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts

"BUSINESS AND LEGAL FORMS FOR THEATER is a comprehensive collection of readable and (thanks to a CD-ROM)easily adaptable model contracts that will be a useful resource for anyone involved in theater production."
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