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Sex Marks the Spot 

Nothing says "Love"better than hitting your husband over the head with a vase of flowers.
Nothing says "Love"better than hitting your husband over the head with a vase of flowers.

Farce - Two Acts
Single Set - Hotel Suite in a Midwestern City That prefers to remain anonymous
5 males, 3 women
Performance Time: 110 minutes
Time period: Present Day

Local celebrity Cameo possibilities
Physical Comedy
Stage Combat
Strong roles for women


College Theatre/Student
Community Theatre
Dinner Theatre
Professional Theatre
Shoestring Budget
May be performed on large or medium size stage

Senator and Kotch have a difference of opinion.
Senator and Kotch have a difference of opinion.

Monty Python meets Ray Cooney.

Sex Marks The Spot  is a masterfully crafted farce which takes on the always timely and relevant subjects of sexism and gender identity in politics.  Richard Clooney is a fierce defender of family values whose  re-election to Congress and his marriage are threatened by his affair with a pretty young pop star. His efforts at spin control spin wildly out of control when he forces his campaign manager and his press secretary to help him in a cover-up. Into this mix come his suspicious wife, a son with a secret of his own, a detective without a brain, and a reporter with a massive ego and a hyperactive sex drive. Men and women strip down to their underwear and there's gender bending as well. In the end the women give the men their well deserved comeuppance.The show is somewhat risqué, but guaranteed not to offend anyone, except maybe lying, cheating politicians. Fun for audiences and easy to stage.

Wife and press secretary discuss husband.
Wife and press secretary discuss husband.
"It was good for me. Was it good for you?"
"It was good for me. Was it good for you?"

A quick witted presentation of masterfully crafted situations filled with perfect blend of tension and comic relief...Whoa, funny!" Marc McAleavey, Nuovo

"Surprisingly fun new farce." John Beer, Time Out Chicago

"Audience laughed their a**off." Alan Bresloff, Steadstyle Chicago

"Clever premise. Relevant and funny." Chris Arnold, Steadstyle Chicago

"Zestful farce...Daffy." Allison Norby, Showbiz Chicago

"Well written script...I would urge people to see this show." Chris Noe, Stage Left

"Nonsensical...Rapid fire dialog." Tom Witom, Lake County Journal

"Theater-goers spent most of the play's two hours shaking their heads in laughter...Filled with slapstick, shock humor." Sheila Ahern, Frankfort Times

"Superb...Hilarious." Ida M. Pease, Cortland Standard

People needing people...or something
People needing people...or something.

"Had our season allowed for open-ended runs, surely this production would have played to capacity houses for quite a long time." Martin L. Henderson, Director Red Barn Summer Theatre

"Beat our other production at the box office...Fast-paced, sexy, surprising." William V. Morris, Producing Director Cortland Repertory Theatre

"If you are looking for a very funny comedy that I am certain will be popular with theatergoers everywhere, I urge you to consider Charles Grippo's Sex Marks the Spot." James Sherman, Author Beau Jest

Amanda Smythe orders Max Kotch to "touch me." 

All photos from June, 2010 Chicago production of Sex Marks The Spot. (Photos by Don Vanasek)