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WHEN ANGELS WEPT by Charles Grippo at the City Lit Theatre, 1022 W. Bryn Mawr, Chicago September 14 - October 27, 2013. Directed by Gerald H. Bailey
Features: Rena Ahmed, Breon Arzell, David Coupe, Megan Donahue, Glenn Garrabrant, Rachel Martindale, Ali McLaughlin, Claire Reinhart, Patrick Ruetschlin, Orion Silvertree, Tony Vinci, Evan Voboril.
Sets: Don Vanasek; Costumes: Delena A. Bradley; Sound: Robert Lloyd; Lights: Kaitlyn Myers; Fight Choreographer: Orion Silvertree; Props: Susie Knapp: Stage Manager/Assistant Director: Michelle Altman; Assistant Stage Manager: Chelsea David: House Manager: Bea Polverini; Publicity: Kathy O'Neill
Presented by New Lincoln Theatre, Inc., in association with Grippo Stage Company, Inc., (501 (c) (3) application pending)

      WHEN ANGELS WEPT is a semi-fictitious play based on the 1958 fire at the Our Lady of the Angels Catholic School. The Donahues find their close family ties shaken to the core when tragedy strikes. Joseph Donahue falls into spiritual and human darkness. Told with humor, suspense, and drama, the story of Joseph's journey as he seeks closure and reconciliation will stir the soul, inspire the mind, and touch the heart of anyone who has ever faced loss in his own life.
      A tremendous success in its world premiere in Chicago in March, 2013, WHEN ANGELS WEPT now returns in a bigger and even more powerful production.
      A STORY OF FAITH, HOPE AND COURAGE THAT YOU WILL NOT FORGET. Ideal for church and family groups.