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The Stage Producer’s Business and Legal Guide Second Edition


Choosing the Right Entity to Produce Your Show
Crowdfunding Do's and Don't's
Self Production
Rules Every Non Profit Board Member Must Know
Using Third Party IP In Your Production (songs, audio, visuals, trademarks)
#MeToo In the Theater
Joint Ventures between Commercial Producers and Non Profits
How Non Profits Can Use the New Tax Code to Raise Big $$$
How Commercial Producers Can Use New SEC Rules to Raise Big $$$
Dramatist's Bill of Rights
Creating Juke Box Musicals
Fair Use
Navigating Taxes

What the IRS Giveth, The IRS Can Take Away: Don't Lose your Tax Exemption
Selecting the Right Insurance for Your Production

Devised Theater and Collaborations
And much, much more!






"The Stage Producer's Business and Legal Guide, Second Edition, is an essential tool for anyone presenting live theater. Author Charles Grippo, an entertainment lawyer, playwright, and producer, has created a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand handbook of the legal, financial, and tax responsibilities of commercial and non-profit producers. Newly expanded and updated, this book is filled with practical tips for negotiating contracts, raising money, complying with government regulations, organizing and managing theater companies, and much, much more. The organized, easy-to-read, quick reference format makes it a 'must' for start-ups or experienced producers."

 Gary Cohen - Tony Award (c) nominated producer, Come from Away (2017)

                     Co-producer Be More Chill  (Broadway, 2019)

                     Co-Producer Tootsie The Musical (Chicago & Broadway 2018-19)

                     Co-Producer  Diana  (Pre-Broadway try-out La Jolla, 2019)


"One of the Top 100 books Every Theater Maker Should Read....The entire range of individuals involved in entertainment - performers, writers and directors to box office managers, theater board members, and theater owners -- will find comprehensive answers to questions on every aspect of theater business and law."

     Ken Davenport - Tony Award (c) winning Producer  Kinky Boots (2013) 


"You will find The Stage Producer's Business and Legal Guide, Second Edition, to be an ideal reference book regardless of the level of production you intend to produce.  This book will truly allow you to stay ahead of problems."

     Dennis Zacek, Artistic Director Emeritus, Tony Award (c) winning Victory Gardens Theater


"The first edition of The Stage Producer's Business and Legal Guide was immensely helpful to me at the beginning of my career, and this updated edition will be essential to you, no matter where you are in yours. From crowdfunding to harassment issues to the complexities of ownership of devised work, it's the only book on producing I've come across that is truly for today's rapidly changing world. The thorough yet bite sized info will have ou quickly finding what you need, without any filler. It'll earn its place on any producer's or playwright's desk."

      Jason Epperson -- Lotus Theatricals