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Charles Grippo Blog


I'm excited to be an attorney panelist in a discussion of legal rights for authors, writers, and other creatives presented by the Authors Guild Chicago Chapter. The program will be held Thursday, October 24, 2019, from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. at Next Door, 659 W. Diversey, Chicago, Il. 60614.  This event is FREE and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served. No reservations are necessary. 


Authors face a myriad of complex legal concerns, from book contracts to protection of intellectual property in the digital age. My fellow panelists and I, all of whom are members of the Authors Guild, understand these issues from both the legal and creative sides. We'll discuss the challenges authors face, as well as go over some of the legal initiatives of the Authors Guild, including the CASE Act legislation now bfore Congress, which would provide copyright owners with a low-cost alternative to seek redress from those who violate an author's copyright. 


My fellow panelists include:


Marci Rolnik Walker is director of Education with Lawyers for the Creative Arts. She is an intellectual property lawyer and educator, who advises authors, illustrators, and organizations on legal and business aspects of today's ever changing publishing market. She learned copyright law as a photographer and now teaches film producing classes as an extension of preventative lawyering.


Steve Baron represents media and entertainment clients' best interests in federal and state courts, administrative tribunals, arbitrations, and mediations. His clients include publishers, authors, podcasters, advertising and marketing agencies, grapic artists, recording companies and recording artists, information technology businesses, Internet retailers, and other businesses with intellectual property and publishing issues.


Arnie Bernstein (moderator) is amabassador for the Chicago branch of the national Authors Guild. He is a nonfiction author, writer teacher, and speaker. Along with his co-ambassador Alta Price, Newcity named Arnie and Alta to their 2019 Lit 50 list of who's who in Chicago publishing for their advocacy and networking on behalf on local writers. 


I do hope you'll come. There'll be networking before and after the program, and I would like to meet you.

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